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About us

Markantex d.o.o. company was founded in early 1990. During the first years its main business was distribution of Kodak photo material. In 1994 the company extends its portfolio with other renown brands such as Fuji, Konika, Agfa ... In the year of 2000 Mr. Milan Josipovic, son of the founder of Markantex d.o.o., joined the company after graduating from universities of business studies in the United States and France. Together they established a new family company named Josipovic Trade d.o.o (ltd.). In the years to come the company expended its business activities in all the areas of photo business. The company became the leader in distribution of digital cameras and professional equipment. Since 2000 Josipovic Trade made annual turnover increment of 20-30%. In 2002 Josipovic Trade started to build its own office and warehouse building. In the year of 2004 Josipovic Trade founded new company named Foto Oprema d.o.o. which quite soon became the strongest Internet shop for digital cameras and professional equipment. In 2007 Josipovic Trade moved to its new business premises consisting 600 m2 of showroom and offices, and additional 1000 m2 of warehouse. In 2014 the company started with the development of its own brand of consumer electronics under the name Horizons, starting with the DVB T2 digital receivers needed for the digitalization process underway in Serbia. Foto oprema doo, Markantex doo and Josipovic tade, merged in to on single company named Josipovic doo. The company offers to its customers more than 1000 different articles of photo material, which are available on stock in every moment: digital photo cameras, professional photo cameras, compact photo cameras, digital cameras, memory cards, photo papers, batteries for photo camera, video cameras, digital camcorders, alkaline batteries, NiCk batteries, NiMh batteries, photo inkjet printers, photo albums, headphones, SD/micro SD cards, flash media, clock radios, ICD, optical media, DVB T2 receivers, power banks... We patented our own way of doing business, unique on the market in this area: - Regular deliveries to the address of our customers biweekly - Urgent deliveries – in average everyday more than 40 urgent deliveries made - 0/24h – customers can reach us any time and arrange a delivery - Product portfolio we offer is constantly enriched in the line of market requirements and world trends in this area - Stock – in every moment we have on stock everything customers might need, with focus on supplies - Savings – due to our wide product portfolio and good business practice, we are able to provide the best terms and prices to our customers - Time – beside money, our clients save their time, because everything they need they can find in one place - Support – everyday communication with our customers enables us to support them in any decision, making trust and respect key words for success.